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Our Fabulous Facebook Plugins
by SiteNinja on 

Facebook social plugins are a great way to let your website visitors share the content on your site with their friends.


Our Facebook social plugin has a series of powerful tools that makes setting up social sharing easier than ever.


The Send button

Almost a year after the introduction of the Like button, Facebook introduced the Send button. While the Like button lets site visitors quickly share content they like with all their friends, the new Send button lets them share it with just a group of friends. The Send button lets your website visitors send a link to a friend through Facebook Messages, post it to a Group, or email it to an individual.


You can add a Send button to your site in two ways.

1. Standalone Send button. Add the Facebook application to any content area on any page of your site by selecting the application from the Add Content menu and clicking on one of the green areas that appear. In the Facebook Social Plugin Application Panel select the Send button plugin type. Click Add to add the button to the page.



2. Combined Like and Send button. If you want to offer both Send and Like buttons to your visitors, select the Like button plugin type from the Facebook Social Plugin Application Panel. You'll have to enable advanced settings and check the Send button checkbox.



Besides the new Send and Like buttons, you can use the Facebook Social Plugin application to add a Like Box, Activity Feed, Recommendations, Activity Stream and Facebook Comments to your website, all with just a few clicks of the mouse.

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Syntax Highlighting in HTML Snippets
by SiteNinja on 

Editing HTML snippets in Site Ninja has become a lot easier since the release of code syntax highlighting in our HTML Snippet editor.  


Syntax highlighting is sometimes also referred to as code colouring. The new feature automatically highlights and indents HTML, JavaScript and CSS code that you type or paste into the snippet's editing window.


Syntax highlighted code is not only friendlier for the eyes, but also it is a great help in finding errors in your code. In case you have a serious error that locks the Admin interface, don't forget that you can always add ?safe_mode=1 to the URL in the address bar and this will disable all HTML snippets on the page.


Below is a comparison of the same HTML Snippet without (left) and with syntax highlighting (right).

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Create a Great Facebook Page Tab in Minutes
by SiteNinja on 

Social media has become one of most important marketing channels for small and medium sized Aussie businesses, and Facebook with 750 million users is the social network of choice. Having an attractive and useful page on Facebook not only helps you engage with your existing clients, it can also bring you new customers.


We are very excited to show off our new Facebook page layout, which makes creating your own custom Facebook Page tab as easy as any page in Site Ninja. Using the new page layout, you can unleash the full power of Site Ninja on your Facebook Page.


You can add custom tabs to your Facebook Page, where the content of each tab comes straight from your site. Inside each tab, you can add any content, including our gorgeous image galleries and our powerful applications like the Appointment Scheduler or the soon to be released Gift Card and Deals application.


You can choose to keep the design of your Facebook Page tab consistent with your web site design or use a Facebook-like colour theme.


By using section groups, you can create multi-page mini-websites that will show up as a tab on your Facebook page. Having all Site Ninja features at your disposal creates endless possibilities for your Facebook Page, limited only by your creativity.


The new Facebook layout is available now for all Site Ninja users. To get access to it, all you have to do is to re-apply your current design by going to Control Panel > Change Design and clicking Apply.


The next time you create a new page or open the Page Options, you will see the Facebook layout option.

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Introduction to Website Branding
by SiteNinja on 

Your website comes with a wide range of options that allow you to achieve a completely custom feel and look and match your existing branding. Using these options, you can build a reputable online presence that helps build brand recognition and loyalty in your customers.

Here are the options that helps you establish your brand online:


Website Name

The first aspect of your brand is your company or website name. It doesn't necessarily have to imply the products you sell, but it does need to be short, catchy, and easy to remember.

The website name is filed in the Site Title field in Site Properties and plays an important role for the Search engine optimisation of your site. If no logo has been added, the Site Title will be used as logo as well.


Logo and Tagline

The logo can be a graphic symbol beside your company name or a stand-alone typographic trademark. Together with the tagline, the logo is used to visually identify your brand. Whether they are custom-designed or created using free logo design tools, the logo and tagline are recommended to follow these basic principles:

  • they should be unique and memorable.
  • should communicate as much as possible the idea of your business and any advantages you have before competitors.
  • should reside at the top left area of your page, since this is where most visitors expect to see them.                        


Website Design
The feel and look and the consistency of your website, are one of the most important elements of building a reputable online presence. The design should resonate well to your target audience and also should match your existing branding.

The rich selection of designs and the variety of page layout options Site Ninja offers will help you to create a consistent and professional looking website with minimum efforts.

Here are a few tips on how to select an appropriate design and page layout for your site:

  • Choose a design that matches the purpose of your site and your target audience. If your web site statistics shows that most of your visitors never go deeper than your home page, there is a chance the design is not appealing to them.
  • Select a design color that matches your established branding.
  • Use a consistent page layout across all pages from your site. Use sections and page columns to structure your information in a visually appealing and readable manner.

Page Header Images

The page header images are usually the focal point of your page and most visitors use them to quickly figure out if they are on the right page, without reading the page content. Also the page image on the home page is integral part of your design and should be very carefully selected to communicate what your organisation does.

Your website comes with a large selection of hand-picked stock images, and you can also upload custom images or flash animations. You may also display rotating images or slideshows as page headers.


The copyright statement in your footer helps promote your and related brands, trademarks, copyrights. The website copyright area may display both text and  images and therefore may be used to display small banners, logos, or other related visuals.

Domain Name

The domain name is not just a reference to your website web address; it is a means of further establishing your brand in the mind of the customer. Domains which are easy to spell and memorise may be easily promoted, accessed and referred by word of mouth which helps growing your customer base. All Site Ninja customers get a FREE .au domain name valued at $88/2 years.

Site Icon

The site icon (also called favicon) is a small image appearing next to your website URL in the browser address bar. The favicon is also displayed in the user Bookmark (also known as Favorites) menu.

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